Northwest Bergen County Utilities Authority

Liquid Waste Acceptance

In addition to treating residential and commercial wastewater, NBCUA also treats the septage collected from privately owned septic systems. Part of the required maintenance for a privately owned septic system is that it be periodically pumped out and cleaned. Privately owned septage cleaning companies routinely provide this service to individual property owners. Once they have done so, they need to responsibly dispose of the septage they collect. Mixing it with the influent stream of the wastewater treatment plant is one of the ways they can do so.

Since privately generated septage is typically much more concentrated than residential or commercial wastewater, it has a significant impact on the WWTP's ability to receive and treat it. Consequently, NBCUA, at it's sole discretion, reserves the right to limit monthly volumes of septage it may elect to receive at any particular time as determined by the current operating conditions of the WWTP's treatment process and in addition only allows "permitted" haulers to dump at their facility.

For more particular details regarding the Authority's conditions for accepting septage or to become a "permitted hauler," please follow the links below:

Hauler Agreement

Fee Schedule

July 18, 2024
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